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    Graphic Design

    I was just looking at some of the wallpapers at www.themexp.org and i was wondereing how they make some of 'em....i use photoshop but that cant make the pictures these people make...anyone know some professional software?


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    For starters, I would highly recommend Photoshop and a good 3D Program.

    I'm not sure of what your skill level as far as graphic design is, but there are some good starter programs out there that used in conjunction with one another can prove to give excellent results.

    For scenery, one of my favorites is Terragen.


    You can pretty much generate any kind of scenery, then take it into Photoshop and add elements. You may choose to even create elements to add in through a 3D program and include them in your generated scenery. The possibilities are endless.

    Google has a nice list of resources I keep in my favorites for this program:


    For a regular 3D program, I prefer Lightwave, but that comes at a nasty price and isn't very user friendly to a beginner. I would recommend Maya Personal Learning Edition as a free alternative until you feel comfortable enough using a 3D program. It's the same software packaged with UT2K3 to create character models and maps.


    If you're looking for a specific type of 3D program, maybe one that deals with space generation, check out some of these freeware programs:


    I keep a site up completely dedicated to web design and development. There you will find tons of links to sites that deal with a lot of popular effects that are used on ThemeXP.org, such as wires, photo manipulation, matrix effect, orbs, glow, tentacles, light beams, etc..


    Go to Image Creation/Editing to find what you need.

    This should be pretty much everything you need to get started. You can download a trial version of Paint Shop Pro, which IMO, isn't as advanced as Photoshop, but still does a really nice job and is what I started out with.


    If you need any help with specific effects or any resources, don't hesitate to PM me.

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