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Thread: samba annoying

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    If i had some greenies i would surely have given you so many pos AP...

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    GBinary samba swat runs on port 901, not sure it that was mentioned.

    As far as your windows xp box not seeing samba, make sure you have netbios enabled on it, I know it sounds dumb but that was my problem...
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    Maybe it was mine too :P

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    Yellowcat - Have you solved your problem yet?

    You say you can copy files as root, so that suggests a setup problem at the linux end.

    What mount options are you using to mount the samba - I think this is likely to be where the problem is.

    Try going into user management and set up a group called 'samba' and record the GID for this group (lets say its 505)

    Then in the mount options for mounting the drive (or in fstab) use gid=505,umask=007

    Finally add the users you want to have read/write access to the samba group.


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    Here is a useful link for samba. Follow the instructions and you should be fine;

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