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    Linux Commercial!!!

    oh my god...i was just watching the jets game and i saw a commercial for linux! holy mama pajama! well, it wasnt even a commercial for linux, it was an IBM commercial ABOUT linux! it was like this kid sitting in the middle of this white room and all these people are telling him all this different stuff, and at the end this voiceover comes on and says "He will know all that we know. WE are free to shape him as we choose. What is his name? His name is Linux." Did anyone else see this commercial?

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    The LINUX i knew was a UNDERGROUND-LINUX, today LINUX is becoming the next WINDOWS/MS , and where does that leave us??

    It leaves us to start a WHOLE new OS from scratch,it would be Console-driven, well, you could say its gonna be the next LINUX....

    So check this:

    none ->LINUX

    And so it follows in a loop, wich is controlled by time.

    Damn, i hate it when stuff go commercial..........
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    WoW! That just sent chills down my spine, thank you so much for the link Ms.M. I think it's good for Linux though, it opens peoples minds, and lets them know that theres more out there. Let's just hope the developers, don't get greedy any time soon. Wouldn't want to see Linux go the way of the MS "dinosaur".
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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    You mean this one: http://www-3.ibm.com/e-business/doc/...p/prodigy.html
    They even offer it in mpeg instead of just the proprietary formats like most. How very open of them.
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    slick i also was watching all the football games because i have nfl sunday ticket which gives you all the games and i saw that commercial also

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    I don't think that "Linux" will ever go the way of Windows. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the companies that distribute Linux *coughs* RedHat *coughs*.

    I have seen many advertisements that promote Linux, most of which are from IBM. Occasionally Dell puts something out.
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