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Thread: Cooling, Sound concerns...

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    I have some concerns about my box...It's about a year and a half old...Lately when i turn it on it seems like it is getting louder...Like the fan is getting really loud and humming louder than usual...I doubt very highly it is the power supply...Im running a Shuttle motherboard with a p4m266 chipset...Maybe there is extra dust in the back fan ? The motherboard is running at 108 degrees fahrenheit.. The cpu is at 80 degrees f...And my cpu cooling fan is running at 3000 rpms..Someone tell me if something may be wrong or if something is worth looking at thanx...

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    I don't know if something is wrong. It could be dust.
    My 4y old box also makes alot more noise, put on some music and the problem is solved ;D
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    Hi, I guess you must be in America?....you use Farenheit not Celcius

    The motherboard is running at 108 degrees fahrenheit.. The cpu is at 80 degrees f...And my cpu cooling fan is running at 3000 rpms
    The first reaction that I have is that your temperatures are the wrong way round, I would expect the MoBo to be cooler than the CPU. The MoBo is basically the inner case temperature.

    Typically you will have three fans: case (at the back), power supply (at the back), CPU (on the heatsink)

    Check that the case and CPU fans are free from lint (fluff) and run a vacuum cleaner on the power supply fan outlet (do NOT attempt to take it apart.........there are dangerous voltages inside!!!!!)

    Make sure that there are no wires touching the case and CPU fans.

    Sorry to have to say this but it sounds like your power supply is about to fail?

    108 is about 42C in my simple mental arithmetic, so it is not about to fail, as most stuff will run up to 75C without problems, but it is the fact that the temperatures are the wrong way round, and the noise that worries me

    You need to be careful about case temperatures and stale air, as they will kill your hard drive.

    Please post back when you have more information. Such as your machine specifications, and the room temperature in which you are operating it.


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