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Thread: help-cd drive opening in a notepad??????

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    help-cd drive opening in a notepad??????

    hi thankyou for your response,
    iwhen i put any cd in cd rom my cd doesnt open or open in notebook.
    if it doesn not open in notebook it says missing boot.exe??
    did i accidentlly deleted some files???????
    cd used to open automaticly once i put it in a drive
    system restore doesnt work i disabled it
    have xp pro
    have cd liteon 24x10x40
    pioneer dvd drive 16x
    512 ddr memeory 2100

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    I'm assuming what you mean is that the CDRom drive is no longer set for 'Auto Play'. What you need to do is go into System Resources/Device Manager (I'm not running XP so the terminology may be a little different). Find your CDRom drive and its Properties. 'Auto Insert Notification' must be checked in order for your disks to 'Auto Play'.

    Hope this gets you the result you need.

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    I guess that you have to re-install.

    Only question I can ask is if you are running some sort of secondary defence system that might misunderstand your CD as a threat and open it in notepad...Script Defender would be such software?


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    tnks for response
    i went to cd property but no such a thing is ther to thick open automaticly
    nihill i installed nero express which has image drive.i think that stuffed it.
    i uninstalled it but no diference.
    what do you mean with reinstalling?
    cd drive or everything???

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