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Thread: I have three months to learn 'REXX'!? What the hell is it???

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    Angry I have three months to learn 'REXX'!? What the hell is it???

    I have three months to learn 'REXX'!? What the hell is it???

    Okay I know it sounds stupid and no, it is not a dog or even a very large angry dinosaur.
    But what i have been assured it IS! is an old programming language, perhaps C for for old unix hacks maybe. What I want to know is does anyone know of any good resources, sites books and other related paraphenalia up to and possibly even including where I can possibly get myself this particular compiler.

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    What's your platform? Unless you're working on a mainframe, REXX programs are interpreted, not compiled.

    The latest family of REXX is Object REXX interpreter that lets you to write programs traditionally (procedural) as well as in an OOP fashion. Currently it's available on AIX, Linux, OS/2 and Windows.

    Like you I had to learn REXX about 5 years ago. I used it to create a quick and simple GUI, sockets, serial comm, etc. programming. Not sure why I never use it anymore... Oh and you only need three weeks to learn REXX...

    Good luck!

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