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Thread: 2003 Year In Review

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    2003 Year In Review

    F-Secure has created a summary of the year 2003.

    It offers detailed overviews of the major worms and viruses- Slammer, Sobig, Blaster and others. At the end there is an appendix with a month-by-month chronology of events.

    Those in the business of protecting against these threats could use information like this for their own summaries or to keep on hand as a reference when the execs ask what the name of that worm that hit in August was.

    You could also use it to refresh your memory when trying to record everything you did for the company this year to justify that raise or bonus you're looking for (like that will happen ).

    Here is a link to the PDF file: F-Secure Data Security Summary for 2003

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    Good post pal.Especially useful for me because I often get email from people asking me for help regarding viruses and this file's pretty good for reference.

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    Thanks for that helpful information. That file will help me with some of my users.

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