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Thread: "Bored" Teens spend $160M on Internet

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    "Bored" Teens spend $160M on Internet


    BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) -- Three German teenagers were being investigated for fraud Friday after they spent 130 million euros ($160 million) in a two-hour Internet shopping spree because they were "bored," authorities said Friday.

    The 19-year-olds splashed out on light aircraft, patents, industrial machinery, restaurants and artwork after hacking into an account on an Internet auction site.

    "They gave boredom as the motive and made no attempt to disguise what fun they had buying only the most expensive things," according to police in the western town of Limburg.

    They said state prosecutors are investigating.
    A very short story. Anyone else hear about this one? You'd think you'd at least attempt to hide yourself before doing this. I mean, geez. Make it more obvious?
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    Hahahahaha no i havent but thats really funny.
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    It's hard to hide yourself from that large of a fraud. I would think somebody will notice nearly $200 Million Euros missing. This however, goes to show how lax security can be, and why people really need to watch passwords, admins do patches and do not neglect things especially when it coems to protecting sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

    This is such an expensive lesson.

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    At least they didn't have the stuff mailed to their home address....

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    I really don't know what is wrong with kids these days... i mean, i'm pretty young too, but if i'd ever hack someone elses auction acount i would definitly not spend 200millions.
    Could this be a case of lack of attention? Maybe they just wanted to be known all over as the 1337 one's who can hack other pplz accounts (w00tz)...

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    The devil makes use of idle hands. Maybe they should've taken up a hobby like scab collecting?

    I laughed really hard when I heard that story. And they say American youths are the bane of the world....HAHAHAHA!!
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    couldnt have been stolen cc's the credit card company would have shut them down when they detected unusual spending. i would imagine they were just going to the high purchase sale items 'saying' they would pay such and such an amount and were to work it out with the seller and just moved onto the next sale with out doing so. closing down the auctions as they went. plus they never received any of the "stolen" merchandise. although they have collected a few good felony charges i doubt grand larceny or credit card fraud are amoung them

    just a guess i could and probably am wrong.
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