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    lineman's handset question

    my home phone is messed up and cracks like crazy so i pulled out my old lineman's handset and tried to hook it up to a telephone wire in my house... but i don't get the dial tone... does anyone know how can i hook this up? inside the house there are 2 wires; red & green... handset has 2 aligator clips; red & black. when i hook them up red - red, green - black, i still get nothing ??? pls forward me to an URL or explaing ...

    thanx for your time

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    so i pulled out my old lineman's handset
    ..and you don't know how to use it? wt...

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    Hey all..

    You Should get tone if you connect The RED and Green, Combination, or the YELLOW and Black Combination... and Depending on how old your set is there should be a "hook" switch or button... if none of the combinations work, and you live in a house, There should be some sort of Connection box either in the basement/crawl space or on the outside of the house.. Take the cover off, and try different combinations until you get tone. then find the line that goes to the wall box that you want to use, and connect the wire end to the connections that you used to get tone and that should solve the problem , unless you have two Phone lines in the house.

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