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    Terminal "?" *NIx

    Hate to put this on a couple of my favorite BB's. I cant take it anymore

    Im running Libranet Linux 2.7 Classic on a KDE session I installed Eterm http://www.eterm.org/
    It appeared at the top of my program bar on the IceWM/Libranet session. But Ive tried to find out how to run it through the KDE session? For weeks now, I guess you have to swollow your pride sometimes and ask.

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    This is probably stupid.. did you try to run 'eterm' at the "Run Command..." dialog? Works for konsole so... just wondering

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    Eterm (not eterm) man Eterm will give you config stuff , you can customize way better than konsole or xtem
    you just have to add it to your menu and either make a config file or pass flags to it like
    Eterm --trans --shade 70 --buttonbar no --scrollbar no -O --visual-bell true --buttonbar false
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