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    Cool MS looks to Linux for next OS

    It is ironic MS is looking to Linux for the next release of windows:

    "They have been studying Linux extensively. Part of their study has been on how Linux has been able to maintain a high level of consistency in the kernel while groups around it maintain maximum flexibility,"

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    I would think that a key strength of any company is knowing your competitors inside and out. Having a unit in your business that does nothing except for look at how other companies in your sector do things well is very common. That is something that you learn in any basic management course.

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    If MS integrates any form of techniques which are featured within Linux things'll get really nasty Of course, they know not to do that, but from theory to practice

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    I'd like to see how they would copy protect it.

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    When has m$ not looked to linux for such things? Just this time, they are being "open" about it.

    An example off the top of my head... the side bar that they are including with the new loghorn.

    I had thought I read about them including the multiple (virtual) desktops too, like linux has.
    Ah, yes... here it is.

    For some screen shots... check out:


    m$ just tends to make things a bit more flashy. They get the 'oohhs and ahhhs' out of people that way, but take up way more space and resources than necessary.

    I'd like to see them come up with an option that you can boot only to a command prompt with the server and config it like you can with linux. No need for a GUI when you can do things via CLI and you save a crap load of resources by not booting to it.

    Looks like they are looking to *nix for better security features too...

    As far a the copy protect... they'll probably do the same thing as they are doing now, but with more copy protecting features.
    They are big on DRM. That's not going to change... just get worse.

    But... this is all my opinion... I'm no expert.
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    Call me an idiot but what I got out of that article was that MS is looking for company structuring help by looking at *nix development. The whole open source community is extensive, yet they still put out quality products and maintain them much better. Maybe MS has finally figured out their small teams of seperate developers, working in the dark of each other, can be counterproductive and an 'open' model of development, where all employees get to view the whole could be boon for Longhorn.
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    I doubt that i think they will be looking for a weakness to exploit.
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    microsoft of course wants that when it rolls out the new windows version codenamed 'Longhorn' , it should be able to meet the demands of the industry: stability and security of the OS. and what would be the best strategy then but to study LINUX - how developers were able to protect the core kernel of it while maintaining it flexibility?

    for a big company such as Microsoft that's the logical thing to do.
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    And like this, by the end of the first year of production of Longhorn, most people would think MS introduced multiple desktops in their OS and GNU/Linux just copied it. Wankers!

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    As usualy......, lets look in history:

    That was in the begining. Microsoft got ms-dos.

    Atfer that was apple that makes first grafic desktop.
    Microsoft used it.

    ......and more and more..... like this....

    what will be next? will windows be free like linux? hehe
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