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Thread: cant get rid of grub and burner now not working

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    cant get rid of grub and burner now not working

    I got myself into a delema where I installed lycoris linux and it installed a grub, I want to get rid of both lycoris and the grub. I tryed useing the fixmbr but that said it fixed the mbr yet grub is still there.

    Not only this but now if i leave a cd in the burner, my system boots very lowly, and the bruner is now listed as a cd rom.

    Might I have damaged the burner, I find this weired because i booted from the burner with the xp cd to get to the r option where i typed fixmbr

    what could cause a burner to register as a cd rom and freeze the computer when you put anything in it.

    also how do i properly get rid of grub?

    I apreaciate any help.

    Mom is gona kill me.

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    I understand you only have the GNU/Linux distro on it, it's not a dual boot machine right? If you happen to have Windows XP, things are simplified greatly by booting in WIn and installing a boot loader from there, which will overwrite grub's option. You can then format the drive by means of Partition Magic for example [8.0; it comes with BootMagic as well]

    If it's a GNU/Linux only machine, I guess you could try a "Live CD distro" to fix your mbr. Other than that... wait for somebody else's reply. Hope something helped

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    Problem thankfully has been fixed, but let me explain a bit more now that my nerves have healed.

    This was operating as a dual boot WinXP/RedHat 9 fine, untill I decided to take another linux distro called lycoris. During install I choose to repartition, and I deleted the existing linux partitons from redhat, and let lycoris use them. It installed and rebooted my system where the grub asked me which system to boot. I choose lycoris, and this is when I had a power glitch, the lights flickered and my speakers went funny.

    I decided it might be a faulty distro so I would forget about it and go back to a single boot XP system for now untill I put redhat back.

    But this grub was bothering me, so I tryed removeing it with xp's fixmbr and this only seemed to make the situation worse. it would still stop on grub and this time selecting my xp, it was very slow, only later to find out my brurner was freezeing the system.

    Somehow after creating a new partiton using XP's built in partition manager, It must have made it so C was nolonger the active partiton, so now I had nothing, and no way to get to a command prompt to fdisk anything.

    So I moved my hard drive to my second machine, and in fdisk just before i was about to delete my partition i seen the option set as active. Takeing my drive back to the master computer amazingly now grub disapeared, and I was back to my single boot XP machine again

    Well am I ever glad I will live another day.

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