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Thread: Need a 8086 simulator

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    Need a 8086 simulator

    hello guys how' r u all
    i need a 8086 simulator i have searched google for FREE ones but did'nt got any there was a emu8086 but was not freeware can any of u guys tell me where i can find a 8086 FREE simulator
    thank in advance

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    You could use bochs, that is a free x86 emulator which also emulates a lot of PC hardware and can boot DOS, Linux and Windows NT. It's not fast but it works.

    I don't know whether maybe you really do want a simulator, in which case bochs won't help, as it's an emulator.


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    What do you actually want it for? To make your machine run as slow as an 8086, or to process exactly the same? I have free stuff that will let you play old games....but that is not "emulating", it is "mimicking" the speed.

    A little more information regarding your requirements would help.


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    If you have no luck with your search, get in touch. I have a couple kicking about. I know one is a Windows based program, but is a highly simplified versions of the 8086 microprocessor,and would be ok if it is only for studying the effect of the execution of some basic instructions. As nihil suggested, more info on your intended use would help
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