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Thread: Classified Material: New variation on the Nigerian Letter?

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    wow thats great, i cant believe ppl in canada actually have a law like that. whoa nice line
    Ok.. so what do you want from me?
    rofl thats great, i would mess with him to see what he/she is really up to.

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    Hehe. Not to long ago I found a site that gave some hints and pointers on how to scam the scammers. This guy even got them to send him pictures with the scammers holding up signs that said D'Arth Vader. Really funny pics. Unfortunately I cannot remember the site

    Edit: Aaah. Found it again check out the pictures
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    Check this out, this guy is hillarious.

    Dear Gullible

    I know that this email will surely come to you as a surprise, but I will crave your indulgence to view it seriously and I apologise, but I hope that it will be a welcome surprise. Before I run out of steam, I will like to introduce my self and go straight to the point. My name is Dr.Graham Douglas a banker. My primary reason for writing to you is to seek your partnership/assistance in a business transaction. I need your partnership and assistance because of the following reasons:

    Oh for ****'s sake.... it takes this prize **** 3 pages of semi-coherent dribbling to outline a ludicrous plan to launder $18,500,000 US. If the recipient (yours truly) doesn't help with the plan, then "corrupt Nigerian officials" will get the money and use it to buy guns, and will probably shoot babies with them, but if help is given, 30% of the profits are mine for the spending. If my calculations are correct, and they ****ing are, this means $5,550,000 in Duane Eddies

    Surely, you must have some questions or may be you just need further clarification. I will be happy to receive a telephone call from you or a fax message to this effect, this will enable me explain further what the next step is and the general plan

    Dr.Graham Douglas.
    He strings along Mr.Douglas finally each message getting stranger and stranger. This guy is the stuff of dreams for scambaiters.

    Hey!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssuppppppppppppppp dude? Take a chill pill, cool your jets maaaan, 18,500 dead presidents ain't nuttin' to a gangsta playa o-g hustler pimpin' be-yatch like Ol'Normy,

    Is that all you need? if you needed more, and you were too embarassed to ask, I think I can trust you with anything up to 100 big ones

    Oh yes, how would I like to receive my documents? I know it may be a little awkward but I think in the best interests of our watchword, "confidentiality", these documents should be sent by carrier pigeon, failing that, could you send someone with them secreted about their person e.g. rolled into a tube and inserted into the anus cavity like some kind of Columbian drugs mule?

    I hope man-man love is socially acceptable in your country, Graham, because frankly,

    You turn me on
    This stuff is golden.

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    ROFL, Maestr0 that is definately golden man. That is so halarious. Man im gonna get my cd that i have with phone calls that people called Apple to complain about their computers, ill share it with all you guy

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    Ugh. Doesn't anyone here know how to scam a scammer? come on now guys

    Dear sir,

    I have received the reaply you made to my message. You have $20,000.00 in a bank account in another country in the form of cds? "I believe you said to cash them in now it would take $3,000.00 in US money, but then you would be able to send me $16,000.00 of it to continue this transaction. I want to thank you for your help in this matter. I will send the money via paypal to keep this confidential as we have both agreed that confidentiality is for the best. You should have the money soon, please e-mail me as soon as the funds transfer. Thank you sir.

    Well, he either has a sence of humor, or I'm about to have some quick cash. Who wants a pic of the new stuff I'll get if he really believes this?

    For those of you here that have talked to me alot, phishphreek, prodikal, The_jinx, you'v all talked to me alot, so this comes as no suprise. Cause you all already know I can scam the **** out of people Hehe.
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    Me takes down lots of notes, time to wreck some revenge!

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    Haha, Singapore is nice and rich place, you'll be rich soon. I got some from HK. Goodluck!

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    Ms. Mittens please let us know if he replies. I would love to see what he says if he does reply. This is too funny!
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    smtp relay, what else can I do?

    I got a few canadian site that allow smtp relay, so I could easily forge some sweet email to Ms.M. But I dont get: besides spam,social engineering, what else I can do to the server (not malicous thing)?

    Should I report to OR tell the server admin?

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    Actually, I'd be tempted to just report them to ORDB (Blackhole MAPS guys). Often admins of mail servers don't take kindly to individuals telling them but if an org does it (or worse, a user complains they can't send emails), it opens their eyes more.
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