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Thread: My RH8 box was pwn3d and im sad

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    My RH8 box was pwn3d and im sad

    Hi today i was chatting in a friendly irc channel then all of the sudden i noticed i had a lot of traffic, my connectionwas slow, i'm on dial up and i did a netstat -an and found alot of conections on port 80 witch to my understading is http were you have web pages i check my ip address inmozilla and there it was. . . .

    . . . I HAD A WEB SERVER and it was pwn3d

    then i remember about a really friendly user lets name him *ZeroCool* he was a very kind and apperson that was really intrested in other people he started to ask me alot of questions but i didn't ask why after that minutes later i whent to system tools> system logs and checked security log and i saw several attemps to conect to ssh2 as root but all of them failed
    and then i notices that the ip that was trying to connect to ssh was the same as ZeroCool's ip. then i started to make a comversation to him, but from being all nice he was agressive worst that my pitbulls. He seem so frustrated that i didn't know how to help him since he was very nice with me earlyer in the day, so i knew that he was trying to crack the password, i didn't whant him to feel bad that why i help him with hints to guess the password. i tryed one hint, it didn't work, i helphim with another hint and it didn't work, so i finally gave him the root password and i got 0wn3d


    (most of this really happens it's not a complete fiction)

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    I saw you were running RH and took this thread seriously to mean you got 0w3D!

    Happy whatever...

    -- spurious
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