I have been recently hacked- I think by a netspy trojan-I have three computers on a wired microsoft router,hooked into comcast broadband cable. The system originally had Norton 2002 which hadn't been updated for sometime.

The hacker gained complete control of my system, but seems to want to use the broadband capability rather than to shut me down.

The router management tool gives me status on current IP addresses for the three computers, the gateway to the WAN, and the current WAN IP.

When I run netstat there is an additional IP listed as local to my LAN wtih an established link to a foriegn IP which happens to be the router NAT IP for one of my computers.

So I went into Norton internet security 2003 (recently added) and set the firewall to block a range of IPs around this local IP that I dont recognise-you guessed it, this prevented me from accessing the Web. I removed the block and pinged the address-it came back with 0ms delay and a message saying that the address was part of my LAN.

Am I missing something or is this guy still controlling things ? I'm running XP Pro.