Just introducing myself. I'm an IT Project Manager (programmers are gonna love me straight away now I admitted that ) with all my experience gained in the finance industry.

My main areas of interest are securing transmissions, encryption and vulnerability testing. I joined to share information and to learn something new. Security is an issue I still don't feel is taken seriously in my working life ("It hasn't happened yet" mentality from executives).

On a personal level I'm obssessive about my own systems security and my personal privacy. I'll admit I'm a bit of a zealot when it comes to trying to persuade people that they need to think when they are using the internet...even today I has to secure a friends PC as it was "Not running right". Windows XP 1meg broadband connection always on and no firewall or antivirus = 1500+ virus/trojans including IRC bots...a joy for DDOS fiends (not anymore though)