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    I recently found this link while doing some very important online work (yeah right, I was looking for x-mas gifts). Anyways, this link is basically a .pdf of pocket reference guides on all your basic TCP/IP data broken down. I thought it was neat as I've used IDS's before and some of this info can help translate various packet data. So, check it out. I liked it. Tell me what you think of it.
    *note - I searched the forums and didn't see this link posted before, if it was, and I missed it then my apologies for being a dumbass
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    This is really helpful thank you!
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    Thanks shagdevil I've been reading up on tcp/ip and this will be very helpful.

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    Thanks for the sit. Great stuff. I printed it up and put it in my file for future help.


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    wow ty i been looking for things to read on TCP/IP but i cant find ne thing worth time (to me) this was useful, im gonna just take out the TCP/IP book out at school.

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