in my unrelented quest to get all my compurters to file share on my home network i have compiled from source linuxconf

i thought this would cure all my ills and get things going, having been playing with linux for a while i still can be so dumb ( i can not spell nieve)

during the startup process it asked a whole load of black art questions and i had a rough idea what they all meant and clicked yes to all

ran linuxconf adn it came up with all these messages saying ' i know something needs to be done because..../etc/rc.d.....'

being brave i told it to fix all but it can not as it needs to change all these first!!!

anyway did a shut down and reboot

now all my boot up messages are controlled by linuxconf (no more [OK] or [FAILED] just /etc/rc.d............

i would like to get rid of linuxconf (unless someone can easily remidy my situation)

but how!!