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    Question How much would you pay?

    How much would you pay for a
    P4 1.7ghz
    G4 MX 6400 64mb
    256ddr ram
    LG 19" flat screen
    Logitech lazer mouse
    generic kb and mouse
    52X CDrom
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    N00b> STFU i r teh 1337 (english: You must be mistaken, good sir or madam. I believe myself to be quite a good player. On an unrelated matter, I also apparently enjoy math.)

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    I would pay at least 5$ if i could, but yeah follow Jarrods advice. Search for the cheapest solution.

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    P4 1.7...............hmmmm

    You need to know which one though.............I seem to recall that about that time there were 256 and 512k caches................you want the 512.

    The memory is important also......bet it is RAMBUS PC800 RIMMS.............you might be able to get some more cheap, but since Intel and RAMBUS fell out, this may not be the case?

    I will guess at a Dell Inspiron 8100?............watch out for the BIOS....Dell don't let you change things you want to

    LG?...gets bad press on moire..............good kit.......buy it cheap then go into the OSD and the moire settings and fix it...................seems to be something to do with factory settings for voltage and frequency of your local power supply. Just tell him about the bad press and the
    moire issue

    What HDD?...in those days I would guess 30-40Gb?

    No DVD no R/Rw Cd

    Go for about $300-500?

    But remember, if it's second hand and not ex-corporate...it probably "don't fly straight"


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    Originally posted here by nihil
    But remember, if it's second hand and not ex-corporate...it probably "don't fly straight"

    lol reminds of when i thought i was getting a Bargain, turned out it was a Lemon..
    Tried to get a refund, but the damned warehouse had closed shop..
    So i was stuck with a over sized Door Stopper. .


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    hmm...ram sucks and also has no DVD nor CD-R/RW just like nihil said... P4 is lot better than my 1 GHz AMD Athlon procesor, nice graphic card also, but it doesnt really say the HD size...so what are you shooting for like...50-80 GBs?
    Anyways my PC was like $1,700 two years ago lol....now it would be like $700 lol...i still like my PC and it works fine...just 40 GB HD is not enough for me lol

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    Cheap Ass Computer!!!

    No Horse Power, No Memory, Video Card Look Bad! But WOW, you have a LCD Screen and a nice mouse so your computer look good but the inside realy suck bad!!
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    ya well, theres an internet cafe going out of business and they're selling all their computers. soooo ya i like LG monitors. they have usb plugs on the back. and id replace the vid card with my g4 fx 5600 128mb, which would be a big improvement. and it comes with one of those big black swivel chairs and a desk. generic speakers i meant to say, not mouse. Logitech laser mouse. and i guess its just a 40gig HD or something. i think im gonna buy it.
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    i would pay $140 dlls

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