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    Exclamation Keystone 2.0

    I am wondering if there is anyone out there that might have some insight on how to fix an issue I have with a program that I am configuring for my company. It is called keystone and I want to know a few things about it. I was able to change the colors of it when it was keystone version 1.3 but now that it is 2.0 I have to go through the color.conf file and try and change it there and I was wondering if there was a secret to doing this?

    Also I was wondering if there is anyone out there that is good at keystone and would be able to guide me through more questions that I have. If there is someone out there you are a lifesaver and I would be honored to pick your brain. I look forward to any information that someone might have available.

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    i tried doing a search for keystone 2.0 but came up empty
    what type of prog is it? who makes it? what platform does it run on? can you provide a link to a manufactuers site?
    I have never used it but am not adverse to tinkering and seeing if i can help if i can find out more about it


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    It is a ticketing program for I am using it on FreeBSD 4.9. A link to the website is at http://www.stonekeep.com they are the company that made this program. It basically runs off of MySQL and PHP and is a web based ticketing system that is really cool to use but is hard to set up.

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