Hello all, I'm pretty new to this site but have read many great tutorials and post from you members. In the past year I've seen many a discussion on p2p networks, piracy, and RIAA efforts to come down on Napster, KAZAA, and other file sharing software. However, I've seen little talk about the rampant piracy common on other services such as newsgroups and I wonder what all of your opinions are as to why this is the case?

My thoughts are that systems like newsgroups continue on because they arn't as user friendly like programs such as KAZAA. In addition, most newsgroups cost money to subscribe to so it further narrows the gap of average users using it.

One other thought I had is the legal ramifications of people using these services that upload copyrighted material. Now with new laws I realize if a subpeona was issued a cable company would likely release the information of the perpetrator at hand. However, since the cable company is hosting the files, are they too at fault for allowing others to downlaod the files? I would think the cable co. has a responsibility to monitor its newserver and remove any illegal material immediately, but maybe theres something in fine print i dont get?

Anyways, my main question is why do you think newsgroups continue on unharmed? I see much more questionable material on them.