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Thread: Antipoint breakdown.

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    Antipoint breakdown.

    I've noticed some new features coming to AO so I figured maybe this one has a shot.

    I just noticed (do believe it is new) the break down of security fourm posts under a members profile. Here is my idea:

    Along the same lines as the post breakdown have an antipoint breakdown showing what percentage of antipoints come from which fourms.


    Tech Humor 2%
    General Chit Chat 17%
    *nix Security 54%


    This would be very useful to determine what a member is proficent in, and help judge the validity of their posts.

    Just my idea.


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    Good Idea Deaflamb,

    But that kinda introduces an element of hierarchy.

    Over the years I think the AO community has learned to not look too hard at someones AP status. Its a flat structured society and works really well.

    Thats my two cent$

    I remember when Nihil was ickle. Does that mean I'm old?

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    I think most of us have their own evaluation about a person just by reading their posts. I don't need to see HTregz or The Horses AP % to know that he is one of the smarter people here.

    (users picked randomly)

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