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Thread: MS Outlook Sending Phantom Messages

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    Question MS Outlook Sending Phantom Messages


    I have noticed that recently MS Outlook 2002 periodically will send out 1 or 2 email messages, even when there are no messages in my Outbox. Also, after these messags are sent I can't see any new messages in my "Sent Items" folder.

    I know Outlook is sending email messages based on the window that pops up when I click "Send and Receive". I see the "Sending message 1 of 1; Receiveing message 0 of 7" or whatever.

    My computer is virus free according to AVG. However, I am quite concerned about why Outlook is sending out messages that I seem to have no control over. Has anyone else experienced this? OR any suggestions on how I can intercept the message content on these emails I can't seem to stop?


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    Mail Control by Yariv Kaplan

    Good luck

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    hmm...seems weird thats what i use for my email occasionally and i've never experienced anything like that. Sounds like a worm but as u say ur virus free...sure u have latest updates and all that good stuff? could it be maybe ur pop3 account settings? Are you using only 1 pop3 account or u using and web based email like yahoo or hotmail that u've integrated in with outlook express?

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    Have u tried adding and removing your Outlook email account? Restarting outlook in the process??

    If it sounds like a virus, smells like a virus, looks like a virus, it probably is one..

    I wouldn't trust AVG as far as I could throw them...
    Test out your antivirus


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    Hello all

    If you are currently sharing your calendar for scheduling on outlook, the updates between the calenders do exactly what you are talking about. If you are not sharing , then I would take the above advise.

    Cheers and Good Measure
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    I would also run a sniffer when you aren't doing anything else and capture the traffic being sent.

    Unless its encrypted, you should be able to find out what is going on.
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    We encountered the same problem on a couple of occasions. The 'OUTBOX' appeared to be empty (but there were messages still there !!) For some reason, a FILTER had been applied and once we removed the FILTER, deleted the bad messages....all was fine.

    Just another avenue to persue

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    It _might_ also indicate the prescence of a keylogger. They often use email to pass their data back to the "spy". I'd give your PC a thorough going over.
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    Figured it out!

    Wow, thanks for all the replies. Some of the information and links you guys offered will be very helpful to me in the future.

    However, I feel a little silly, as I have been able to figure this one out.

    Apparently (accidentally?) my "read receipt" settings got set to "automatic reply". Anyone sending me an email that had a "read receipt request" embedded was automatically generating the emails that have been going out. I have been able to confirm this through a few tests, and ultimately, finding and checking the settings for "read receipt requests".

    I still think Outlook should leave a copy of the confirmation message in the Sent Items folder... this freaked me out a little, but I'm glad it was nothing.

    Thanks again for all your help!!

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    Nice little bug to share you had!

    You can turn this feature off in Outlook by going in Tools/Option - Preference - Email Option - Tracking Option and Ask me before sending a respond.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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