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    nice one!... what a babe..
    thanx for da effort..
    thanx msmittens..

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    This document is a great read. I hope to have one up and running hopefully by the end of the year. Will you be planning to up-date the document as well ? Adding a little bit more information to it as well. It would be nice but I am pretty sure that you are a very busy person.

    But overall great work.
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    Thanx MsM. Good Work.

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    Thanks for the great Read MsM. Being new to this site and the vast importance of security, I found it very informative and plan to learn more from it.


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    wow great read. now I just need to set up my wife and kid with a week or so out of town and let the wargames begin.
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    that was great!!!!!
    to my printer immediatelly!!!!!

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    Tha, you are best

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    Cheers M'dear...

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    Once again MsMittens makes a very usefull contribution to this field of expertise. Thankyou

    oh and i2c;

    My plan was to build a beowulf cluster
    Sorry for the naivity but what is a beowulf cluster?

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    Originally posted here by hellforgedangel
    Once again MsMittens makes a very usefull contribution to this field of expertise. Thankyou

    oh and i2c;

    Sorry for the naivity but what is a beowulf cluster?

    Hey Hey,

    As a rule of thumb, you should usually start a new thread to ask questions, especially when they aren't related to the topic of the thread you are in. More users will see the thread and read/respond to it, and also it will make it easier for users who may happen to do a search on the topic at a later date.

    The answer to your question can be found on the beowulf website.

    1. What's a Beowulf? [1999-05-13]

    It's a kind of high-performance massively parallel computer built
    primarily out of commodity hardware components, running a free-software
    operating system like Linux or FreeBSD, interconnected by a private
    high-speed network. It consists of a cluster of PCs or workstations
    dedicated to running high-performance computing tasks. The nodes in
    the cluster don't sit on people's desks; they are dedicated to running
    cluster jobs. It is usually connected to the outside world through
    only a single node.

    Some Linux clusters are built for reliability instead of speed. These
    are not Beowulfs.
    You'll have the processing power of several machines (however many are in the cluster) instead of the power of a single independant machine.

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