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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    how can i protact my computer from hackers, Is there any good anti hackers ?

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    Download a firewall.


    then download a AntiVirus.


    then download a trojan cleaner.


    then download Anti Spyware and Adware.


    and download this:


    then read some tutorials in the Secuirty Tutorials Section of Anti Online.


    and don't click on every link or pop-up you see, don't download any suspicious e-mails, don't download any programs from kazaa with double extensions like .mp3.exe.

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    Originally posted here by MemorY

    and don't click on every link or pop-up you see

    Except for the 50 he just gave you, of course.

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    I think I'll just be able to reference this thread for any similar questions. Very complete answer MemorY.
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    Thanks, i was about to say go to google or use the search engine, but then i remembered that we are supposed to be nicer to newbies from now on

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    well memory told you some basic tips on how to protect your computer while connected on the internet , such us the Personal firewall and anti virus and best of all always keep your self posted to the latest information about virus and what happening on the net google your best friend in the net may help you with that just take time to search for those information that you wanted to learn ...

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    I would also recommend that you click on the two following links below:

    [1] Home Computer Security
    [2] Use Care When Reading Email with Attachments
    You should only read a message that passes all of these tests.
    [list=1][*]The Know test: Is the email from someone that you know? [*]The Received test: Have you received email from this sender before? [*]The Expect test: Were you expecting email with an attachment from this sender?[*]The Sense test: Does email from the sender with the contents as described in the Subject line and the name of the attachment(s) make sense? For example, would you expect the sender let's say your Mother to send you an email message with the Subject line "Here you have, ;o)" that contains a message with attachment let's say AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs? A message like that probably doesn't make sense. In fact, it happens to be an instance of the Anna Kournikova worm, and reading it can damage your system. [*]The Virus test: Does this email contain a virus? To determine this, you need to install and use an anti-virus program. That task is described in Task 1 - Install and Use Anti-Virus Programs of "Home Computer Security." [/list=1]
    Hope that helps in some way or another.

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    While I can't speak for Sniper119, I'm learning alot from these links. Thanks MemorY and Agent_Steal. I'm so new, you could almost say I still need diapers, so these links will help alot.

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    You must spread your AntiPoints around before giving it to MemorY again.
    Bah. Stupid checks and balances.

    Home user security in a nutshell. Nice post Mem.
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    First: Get a fire wall! Zonealarm is free.. and there are a couple others too
    Second: Get a Virus scanner! Norton works pretty good
    Third: If you are really paranoid.. a good IDS (Intrusion Detection system) can go a long way... Snort is nice for this, I believe there is a new-ish version out...

    Those are my suggestions

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