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Thread: Windows 2000 problems

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    Question Windows 2000 problems

    I've got a rather odd problem. I'm working on a laptop with Windows 2000 that's been acting rather goofy, and I just about have it fixed up except for one quirk -- The screen goes blue and stays that way when told to restart. If completely shutdown then restarted, the computer acts just fine, but if you simply click "Restart", it'll go blank. It's not a huge problem since turning the computer off and restarting it will get around the problem, but it still is pretty wierd. Any ideas on how what might be causing this?

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    hmm maybe some of your filesystem corrupted.. try to install again win2000 without format the partition.. all the registry and data not lost but the installation will only overwrite ur old filesystem..
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    I have had similar, but not with Win2K. Could be contention (programs "running into eachother") or maybe even a memory leak?

    1. If you boot into safe mode, does "restart" still hang.
    2. Are you using any of these fancy housekeeping/cleaning tools?
    3. What AV and firewall are you running? Are you running more than one?
    4. What are your hardware and RAM specifications?

    Favourite culprits are AV and Firewall apps. You might try disconnecting from the net, then manually close the AV and firewall, then try a restart.

    If you get the same problem with a restart from safe mode then it is possibly file corruption as Lord Xavier suggests.


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    I think it may very well be corrupted system files. I'm noticing that, especially when restarting in safe mode, that the screen breaks up a lot while starting up, so I do think it is a Windows problem. I'll try reinstalling Windows then. Thanks everybody!

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