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Thread: Virus Resources

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    Virus Resources

    For anyone interested in learning some more about computer viruses you should give this 2 websites a look.

    1] Wildlist Organization
    Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Wildlist Organization is to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive information about "In the Wild" computer viruses to both users and product developers. The WildList, a list of computer viruses found in the wild and reported by a diverse group of over 55 qualified volunteers, is made available free of charge by the organization.
    2] Virus Bulletin
    The aim of the magazine is to arm users with all the information they need to stay current with the latest developments in the anti-virus field.
    In the second link you can still find good information to read. Click on "Resources".

    But of course don't forget to:
    1] update your anti-virus software regularly
    2] visit your anti-virus providers website once in a while

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    The place to learn about virusses is, well I don't know if I may post that here so I'll pm it to you, many will probably know it though I think. If anyone else wants that site, pm me.
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