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Thread: Help needed with Downloader.MSCache

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    Unhappy Help needed with Downloader.MSCache

    My computer has this virus. Is this a new virus. I have Norton Antivirus 2003. It seems to detect the virus but is unable to remove it. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Here you go "Removal Instructions - Downloader.MSCache.
    Just click on that link above and read the instructions on how to remove it. It would be good if you printed it.

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    If you delete your temp internet cache either manualy or by using Tools>internet opptions>delete files,then run Nav you should find that the virus is no longer on your system.

    While you are on line looking at a web page, if a nasty script is on that page it will be in your temp internet folder as you are online it may be that Nav can not remove it due to it being in use,or locked.
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    If you are running WinXP, always remember to turn off System Restore before performing virus removal. Turn it back on when you are done. If you don't, the nasties will come back because they have copied themselves into the restore shadow.

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