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Thread: where to get a good simple book on IRIX?

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    where to get a good simple book on IRIX?

    anyone here now where I can get a good and simple book on the IRIX operating system (for SGI stuff), ive downloaded various PDF files from the sgi site and some of them are well over 300 pages, im wondering does anyone know of any real book or eBooks that may explain things in a more simple way, or just explain the basics to me?
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    This is the only site I could find that was close to what you were looking for. Finding stuff for IRIX doesn't seem to be exactly easy. Heh. Hope this helps a lil bit at least.


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    There really aren't any books that I've seen on IRIX, and those PDF's you have found are about the
    extent of what SGI puts on the net for download. If you want to learn IRIX, I would suggest picking up
    an Indigo 2 from eBay preferably loaded with IRIX 6.5.x (you might want to pick up a media kit as well).
    IRIX has fantastic online (HTML) documentation, and this is where IRIX admins turn when they need to
    look something up.

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    thanks both of you for the replies and info...
    sorry to have taken so long to get back about what i've found on IRIX, i forgot about the man pages that are on there *blushes*, ive read some of the stuff SGI have on there site which has helped me through a few things, such as getting the Octane i bought onto the web thru my LAN at home (took almost a whole day), all i need now is that damned external cd drive and some media....

    shame im in australia, otherwise i woulda got meself an I2 instead, mainly for the cdrom drive convenience....

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