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Thread: Color Laser Printers?

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    Color Laser Printers?

    Anyone here using color laser printers? I am currently in the market for one and I am doing the research and finding a ton of choises. Does anyone have a laser printer that they use and love? We are looking for something that will print about 2000 pages per month from about 20 people. I havent bought one before (we do have a black and white laser printer here - hp4) so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.
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    color laser printers


    After working for the DOE (better known as tree killers are us) I would recomend leasing a printer. It resolves to less cost per page than doing a capital equipment investment and buying a new printer. I use Ikon. They have been fantastic to deal with and I don't get my clothes dirty doing printer maint. I personaly hate working on printers even if I do know how to fix them. But then 2k pages per month is not much of a load. Its a ROI balancing act any way you look at it.

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    A quick search on Bizrate gave me this . Personally, ive only tried the HP Laserjet 4550, and since i bought it (2 years ago) i have had minimal problems. Mostly stupid mistakes on my part, but what do you expect? . All the others on the link have a couple of reviews, so you can check those out. Hope i helped a little.

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