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Thread: Kaspersky Beta released for testing

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    Kaspersky Beta released for testing

    Kaspersky Labs has released their beta of thier new antivirus Windows Desktop v5 for open testing. Anybody interested in the 90 day license (and the possibility of a free license after testing) check out


    When you get there, click on news at the top of the lower right box. You'll see the line 'Kaspersky Labs releases a new version....' line. Click that and near the bottom of the story is the link to sign up for and download the beta.

    I got it a couple of days ago, when it was first released and it's slick. So far, I've had no problems with it and can't even think of any changes I'd recommend. It's that good. Others, depending on their operating system, how it's set up, the phase of the moon I guess, and other things, have had a few glitches, from minor to major.

    Remember, it's beta, and if you decide to help test it, make damned sure you're important files are backed up --- just in case, or use a second computer.

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    Sweet! I run the present stable version of the product and i am very much satisfied with it.Cant wait till the beta'ing is over.

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    Thanks so much for this info, I had previously tryed kaspersky on a older system, that was before I got my free upgrade, and kaspersky was slow but now It should run great. See if i like it beter then panda antivirus.

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