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Thread: bypass filesystem?

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    bypass filesystem?

    i accidently deleted some files on a zip disk (i no they are out of date but they work) and i need thoes files. im using redhat9. i was wondering if there is a command out there or a way i can make a command that will read the entire disk not the filesystem. Im 99% positive the info is on there but its not on the filesystem
    thanx guyz and gals
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    this might help, i'll look into it a bit more.

    Two things you can do to try and recover your data (depending on what
    sort of data it is):

    0) Unmount your filesystem with these deleted files immediately. If
    you have not already done so, the chances of you recovering them
    is getting smaller all the time. This might mean booting from
    a CD instead of the disk if it is your root filesystem.
    1) run "strings /dev/hdX | less" on your disk and search for bits of
    your text documents in the output, then cut-n-paste it to another
    file ON ANOTHER FILESYSTEM. You _could_ just dump the output into
    a DIFFERENT filesystem, but it could be pretty large, so you may
    want to find the actual data first before doing this. If you have
    a small number of deleted text (or text-containing) documents to
    which you know some of the expected content, this may work.
    2) (much more complex) If you haven't also deleted the directory in
    which these files resided that is a big help. Do "ls -id /dir"
    on the directory in which the deleted files lived. Then run
    "dumpe2fs /dev/hdX" to find out which group this directory inode
    lives in. You will also get a listing of free blocks for that
    group. For each free block in that group do (blocksize as reported
    at the beginning of debugfs output, probably 4096):
    more here: https://listman.redhat.com/archives/.../msg00048.html

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