I have a windows 2000 professional on a client system in a small network. Recently I ran adaware and windows washer on the system. Immediately after that some message popped up which said something like this "services shutting down, windows will shut down in 60 seconds".I don't remember exactly,but it was similar to what I mentioned.
Since then my internet stopped working.I checked everything,everything including the ip configurations and all the settings seem to be intact. But the internet page expires.I tried the " tracert" and found that it works, I am able to ping. One thing I found interesting was, the ip routing enabled shows yes in the ipconfig /all. But when I checked it in the registry,I found that it was disabled.Is it something to do with that.If so, how do I fix it. Even Netscape doesn't work.Not even messenger.I am able to ping an external ip.All other systems on the network are working fine.

Can somebody help me?