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    Cleaner Prof Version 4

    To all of our members as most of you are aware the Cleaner Prof Version 4 has been released. The Cleaner is a trusted software application for the detection and removal of Trojans,Worms,malicous scripts. I have tested and wanted to share my evaluation of the Cleaner with the members. I welcome your comments and responses on the Cleaner.
    I downloaded and installed The Cleaner on my pers.computer. The installation was smoothed and there was no problems noted. My operating systems is as follows:
    Compaq 5441
    OS: 98SE
    476 mhz
    AMD K-6(tm) processor.

    Upon installation and reboot my resouces were at 85%
    Tc Monitor running in memory was at: 6340kb
    Tc Active running in memory was at: 5692kb
    This is very user friendly for older pc that are not running with a lot of memory.

    Main Inteface:

    Main interface is "user friendly" easy to understand for the novice to the advanced user. The five tabs on the main interface are self explanatory and easy to manuver without and problems. If there are questions about a given feature or function the "Help File" is precise and to the point. I was surprised how clear and concise the presentation is on the usage of the cleaner. There was very little effort in configuring the cleaner using the options tab on the main interface, its quite clear and to the point.

    Tc Monitor and Tc Ative Module's:

    These 2 modules are quite unique and I was very impressed with the capabilities.

    A.) As a starting point I activated a trojan simulator which triggered the "Alarm" giving me the options as to what I wanted to do. This is a extremley important feature that is incorporated within the cleaner. I was expecting the cleaner to allow the trojan simulator to activate and would have detected it upon reboot/and or upon scan of my C drive.
    B.) This in itself is a valuable asset for prevention of a trojan application starting and causing damage to ones pc


    The scanner is extremly fast. On my pc The Cleaner scanned 13,296 files in 15min - 10s. .....but what is most impressive is the capability to "unpack" compressed files!!!! The issue on unpacking compressed files is important from my standpoint whether its a Trojan or Antivirus Software. Based on previous trojan software's I have tested the scanner ranks as one of best from my test results.

    Based on previous reports on the Cleaner, the cleaner ranks number 1 on total amount of trojan/ and variants detected.
    A.) What was interesting is I attempted to install (5) different trojans on my pc and the cleaner alarm was triggered alerting me of the changes and offering me options.
    B.) I expected this to happen as these trojans are listed in the data base...however...the Tc Active and Tc Monitor modules re-affirms and strenghtens the position how valuable the detection process is within the cleaner.

    The Cleaner Prof in my opinion is one the best "well rounded" Trojan Software on the web today. Its easy to use for novice and the advanced users. There are numerous Trojan Software on the web today.....however the Cleaner in my opinion ranks in the top 3, if not the best!!!
    Cleaner Home Page

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    For those who are scratching your heads because the name of this Trojan cleaner sounds familiar but you can't quite place it, well, you'll probably recognize this as the Trojan cleaner put out by our friends at MooSoft. The MooSoft site is referenced on AO countless times in posts dealing with Trojan removal.

    Thanks for the announcement TSR.

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