Alright I will admit, I do use Microsoft products. Infact I don't mind them all that much. I am not saying I like it much better than my Mandrake machine but you get the point. My thread is not over which OS is better or you are stupid if you use this my thread is going to try to help me see if my "theory" is correct.

I know this has probably been talked about but I decided to through it out there again. I don't think M$ programmers are incompetant, infact I would be willing to bet that some of them are genious'. The write there program as best as they (true some bugs they acknowledge they knew about) can. However, we compare something like M$ a close source code that only those few programmers can create and tweak to something like Linux were millions of people can add their own ideas/information/code into the OS. So, I am wondering why does the computer world always make fun of M$ programmers. It isn't that they are bad it is that they are probably overworked ($$$) underpayed ($$$) need to meet rough deadlines ($$$) you can't blame them. Blame ($$$)

M$ management = ($$$)

By the way, I have no ties with microsoft and I don't know any of its programmers so I am not trying to defend anyone.