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    RIAA cannot get your info from ISPs

    Yep. A court ruling has rejected the RIAA's attempt to get ISPs to turn over your information.


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    Hurrah! Although I live in the UK so I'd like to see the RIAA try and sue anyone over here anyway.
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    'Bout time. Of course, it still isn't over yet, as I am sure the riaa will now appeal to a higher court.
    It still boggles my mind that this wasn't a bigger mainstream issue with Americans. The initial ruling allowed the riaa to obtain all its information without a warrant (without a judge's signature, anyways) Incredible!

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    im sure the ISPs are thankful too, as they dont want to lose any customers (especially not AOL, as they need more customers). yea the RIAA will probably appeal to a higher court, but I personally think the decision will remain...

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    *Bird* RIAA *Bird*

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    Actually, they can still get your name from your ISP, right before they haul you into court. That means the option for settling before going to court is gone...and anybody that actually does go to court will take the full brunt, as it were.

    A creative interpratation of an existing law was blocked... that's all. I'm sure the RIAA is looking for other "loopholes".

    But that's just my take on the situation.

    I find it interesting that there is no mention of the ruling on the RIAA's homepage.

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    never liked the RIAA...they so selfish lol...dont you agree
    plus if my ISP gave them info about me Id Call 'em and say Fu*k You
    This is a really great releaf to everyone but the RIAA muhahah

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    agree with you script kiddie... nowhere in disclaimers for ISPs (at least not mine) does it say that your information may be told or sent to someone or somewhere else... not that i would mind sueing an ISP or 2

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    It just means they won't be able to go after masses of people due to the hassle , they have to file john doe suits against the "ips" and then get you name and addy instead of just getting names from the isps with very little proof/work/cost . The RIAA says its too bad cause now they won't be able to make settlements before court.
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