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Thread: help needed to use a pc as a firewall

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    Originally posted here by chsh
    A P/90 is AMPLE power for even a small network. I had a 486 DX-4/100 for a long time as my router/fw, and it even did complicated things like NAT, and remote syslogging.

    Netfilter/Ipchains are only as good as the person configuring them. Generally, for a home user, those canned scripts will be enough.
    Chris, I live right by the border to Canada and can go over there usually whenever I want. Do you know if anyone in Canada still sells older machine like that? I'd like to get a hold of one but here they don't come along very often because people throw them away thinking they no longer have a use.
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    I agree that a p90 should have ample power to act as a gateway/firewall for a small network.
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