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    Monitoring Security

    My boss had us set up a monitoring system for all the desktops in our office this set up was smooth and there were no problems and all is well as it works the way it is supposed to.
    However the employees had found out about this and are not taking the warning seriously (they continue to browse the net and IM Chat with their friends when they should be working)
    The program we set up was to monitor these actions and be notified for discplinary action.
    The problem is they go into the system settings and and turn this program off so it will not run on the base machine.
    Can some one please assist me on how to either set the settings so it runs when they start up even if they turn it off on their machine OIR to hide this option in the system config where they can no longer see it therfore cannot stop it.
    Thank you
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    Umm...did they have to sign a Term's of Use agreement when they applied? Does it say that their actions will be monitored? Does it also say that if they should choose to try and bypass the monitoring mechanisms that they may be fired? Has anyone been fired?

    What kind of monitoring software are you using? What kind of systems are you running? How many computers, etc.? A little more information would be helpful.

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    put a monitor on the network instead of on the workstation. Use either a packet sniffer or an IDS type system at the router. You can set up an IDS to watch the outgoing packets to see who is doing what and send alerts when they are using port 6667 (IRC) or viewing certain websites or whatever you wish.
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