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    funny codes!

    cool clocks, funny and useful if u have a count down till the opening for your website

    and there is an attachment file contains the code of a good clock, you can still change some stuff in the code to change the look , like background color (ex:black) and text color :P (ex:green)

    i have other clocks, better than those, but i lost the files...or don't remember the address

    and this is the ASCII man walking

    donno if u seen those before, anyway hope it is fun for you!
    (people always tell me i have a bad sense of humor )

    if you have similar links it will be nice if u post them

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    How come that third clock says it's 1998?
    That's Officer 11001001 to you...
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    Looks like 2004 is the highest it goes to, and then loops back to 1998.

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    It looks like when it was made it only had 1998 - 2004 for the years.
    It is a Y2K04 problem.

    [edit] Well we know who is the faster at typing [/edit]
    Mad Beaver

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