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    tanks 2 all who r helping me! but i noted that there is much less awareness abt. trojans although they r equally(or even more)dangerous than viruses

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    Maybe a little offtopic here but, If I was you i'd check this website:

    The website will give you detailed information about which trojans affect certain ports. The more you learn about trojans, the easier it will be for you to defend yourself from them. Just cleaning them up wont neccessary reverse the damage that a trojan might have done on your PC but, if you know what the trojan does, you can manually go and fix damages. There you can also download a trial version [45 Day Evaluation] of a VERY usefull program called "Advanced Administrative Tools". I've emphasised the usefulness of this programs in many other posts that I've made related to this subject and its a Must Have tool for every System Admin. Other programs you could download there [Evaluations] include: G-Lock SpamCombat, G-Lock EasyMail , G-Lock Email Processor , Advanced Email Verifier , G-Lock Temp Cleaner. Many of these you could try out for free for about 45 Days, and after that you can buy the certificate directly from the website. They're not cheap, but they're worth it. I can personally recommend AAtools because i've used it myself at work and at home, and it has helped me significantly.

    Cheers buddy and Happy Holidays to all of you.

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    merry Xmas and happy new year to all

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