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Thread: Mozilla tips

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    Mozilla tips

    I thought AO members would be interested in a website devoted to great tips on using Mozilla. For those who don't know about the site, it's at http://www.mozillatips.com . See also http://www.mozillazine.org .

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    I use Firebird for most of my browsing. There is one glitch I've found with Firebird 0.7 and that's if you're running Outpost firewall, there's a loopback problem that can't be resolved on ports 1034, 1035. I don't know if that's Firebird or Outpost, since I don't find it with the other firewalls I play with.

    *edit* I should add that this problem is on my computer, with XP, and might not happen to others. Also, if I switch to IE, the loopback issue disappears. I've tried writing a rule on Outpost, but nothing seems to solve it. *edit*

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    I'm using Mozilla (1.6a) on XP with Outpost and don't have such an issue.
    It is probably linked to Firebird. I can affirm you that a firewall rule will not solve the issue. You must check your Firebird config and try to find where is the option to turn off.
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    Just had to throw this site in for kicks http://www.mozillaquest.com/stories_..._Story-01.html

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