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Thread: Links for security downloads, XP or any Windows user.

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    Links for security downloads, XP or any Windows user.

    Newbie's mostly request links or help in determining software for their pc's just for home user security. These links will take you to WebAttack for all the Freeware downloads you will need except for Ad-Muncher which isnt neccessay but rocks.

    Sygate Personal Firewall

    A free, secure firewall that should protect any home user.

    Avast AntiVirus

    Again free, especially nice when you realise you need to subscribe for virus updates with Norton. When this happened I removed Norton, installed Avast and have never looked back.


    Pesky ads, well I dont see them because of this lovely program.


    Removes spyware, excellent for a freeware program. Love it.

    ii System Wiper

    Clears cookies, history etc. For the paranoid.

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    Very nice Ennis.

    All the info from your much longer, much more drawn out, Ultimate Newbie FAQ

    This has all the basic info in one paragraph.

    /me hands MsMittens and Ennis each a big giant thumbtack.

    Keep up the good work.

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    ya striek,
    i 2 appreciate his guesture. well done.,it helped me a lot.
    a newbie round the corner. first letter

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    met as friends ,
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    Yup Stiek, this I guess is a little more modern, links are updated and I have changed a lot of my proggys since then, like they say if you dont change your opinions over time you aint thinking.

    I cant sticky this, MsMittens or Neg can only do that.

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