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    Lotus Notes Q


    I know this got nothing to do with security thats why i put it in this chit chat forum.

    I have a problem setting up Lotus notes to display the company address book when a user is sending mails when not connected to the network. He is disconnected and working offline. But the company address book is replicated to the system. When he tries to send a mail and clicks on the address list the only addresses displayed are the local address book and not the company's one even though the replication is done. When you go to the workspace and click on the company address you can see everything but when sending mail its not displayed in the address list. Any help would be appreciated


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    The Directory Catalog is a good option (dircat) if you have cascaded directories. Or, try creating a local replica of the NAB onto the PC. Give it a different filename other than names.nsf. Adjust your user preferences - should be good to go..

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