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Thread: network set up

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    Question network set up

    I got a linksys router at home and i have 2 computers conected to it iw ahnt to set up a network for acesssing all the files and printer sharing? have any ideas? ect.ect
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    If you can use both computers to surf the Internet you allready have a working network. You probably need to share something. Right click on a directory and choose Sharing....
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    Also, if you are using Windows XP, make sure that the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is turned off. It blocks local file sharing.


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    The above replies are correct. Turn on file and printer sharing and then share whatever files and printers you want to use across the network. To get the "properties" menu to appear, you need to right-click on the directory or printer you want to share. I have included a screenshot which may be of some assistance. Be sure to install the printer on every host you weant to acxcess it with, not just the box it is directly connected to.
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