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Thread: AO Security Discussion Spotlights on EIT - 12.23.03

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    AO Security Discussion Spotlights on EIT - 12.23.03

    Before I head off for the holidays, a brief recap on the security related goings on at EIT.

    MsMittens wrote a 2003 retrospective that highlights a dangerous trend, so be sure to read it.

    Aside from that, EIT wishes a happy and secure holiday season to you and yours!

    AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Retribution - December 18, 2003
    AO members debate the legality of defending your systems by going on the offensive.

    Of Interest:

    Getting Beyond M&M SANs - December 22, 2003
    By Drew Robb
    Like the candy coated treats, SANs are an irresistable lure to criminals that can't wait to get to the soft, sweet center.

    Viruses + Social Engineering = 2003 - December 19, 2003
    By Lyne Bourque
    This past year the dangerous trend of shrouding viruses in social engineering techniques resulted in a trying year for the infosec crowd. Lyne Bourque reviews some lessons to take into 2004.

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    Statistics are in for how much i care - numbers are dangerously low!

    Merry christmas EIT, you bitches.

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    What statistics? Where?
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    Damn when did he become an Admin. Im gonna fill out an application for JupM just to be an admin :-D.

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