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    **** You Worcester, Ma Police Department

    A filthy **** stole 80$ from me off of a bar last night. I followed him to the store accross the street and had to call the police because the camera was on me and I had no choice. The scumbag Worcester Pigs accused me of trying to buy drugs off of this piece of ****, after I told them exactly what pocket of his my money was in and the exact amount it was. They called me a c*nt, ran my license, and threw it back in my face and tried to make me pick it up the ground. Even though I had a witness, these ****s threatened to take me to jail if I didn't leave the scene. Needless to say, I left.....I just thought I'd let everyone know what a great legal system we have and what filthy, racist, useless, dougnut eating, shitbags, we have protecting our children. Happy **** You to the Worcester Police Deparment for accusing the innocent and being cowards...Feel free to forward this message to anyone that cares......Merry Christmas, Love Wazz
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    Im sure the avid readers of AO that hail from the Worcester PD will be deeply moved, and change their ways as a direct result of your post. You sir, are a patriot.

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    That's life, if you think life is fair, wake up from your dream.
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    So when one day you "go postal", who gets blamed?

    /unites guns with Wazz against such forms of mental corruption

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    Ok just edited the title of your thread, please if your thread contains language etc. use to Hide this post feature.

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    HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE. Another one walks through the rites of passage and realizes what police are like when a camera isn't rolling that will be on national TV. Sucks huh? Oh oh oh! You can't do **** about it!! HAHAHAHA! How you feel now??!?!?!?!?!?!

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    I dunno, maybe you guys need to move south or something. Everytime I've ever come into contact with a cop, they've been cordial and polite, even when writing me a ticket, and when someone broke into my car and stole a bunch of stuff out of it, they went out of their way to find the person, and even managed to return some of what was stolen. I've even had one stop and change my tire for me when it was flat and I was on the highway. You won't ever hear me bitching about cops.
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    It's called hospitality. It's only found in the south. Women do get different treatment as well.

    Wazz, obviously no one ever taught you how to talk to a cop, or you didn't listen when they did...
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    Talking to a cop:

    Most of this is really from personal experiance. Most police officers don't like my sence of humor.

    Never say "Wow, your last name is Tompson? Hey! Your Ashly's Dad! HAHA, Your about to be a Grandpa!"

    Never say "Tell your wife and my kids hello" My best friend did after a cop cracked 3 ribs.

    Never say "What the hell are YOU doing this far from Doughnut Shack?" My friend Kimmy said that one and got arrested.

    Never say "I bet the gun in my trunk can go through your car door" This usually ends up with you at gun point, and another officer called in for back up...Well, really just so your held at gun point and getting the hell beat out of you with a flash light.

    when getting pulled over for speeding, never say "Well I got here as fast as I could!"

    Never say "Yes sir, that was just tylenol. No sir I'm not laughing for any particular reason" Guess who had THIS one happen?

    Never ask them NOT to check your trunk, under the seats, or anywhere else. That gives them reason to believe that you're hiding something.

    Never turn down your radio when a cop is pulling you over. My old drummer did this and the cop accused him of hiding something and arrested them for possesion. Granted they had drugs on them, they weren't hiding them.

    Never say "No sir I have no idea how fast I'm going. Being this drunk I'm lucky I can see the road let alone the speedometer."

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    Resorting to the dick and fart jokes...

    In the words of Jay and Silent Bob... "****, ****, **** the police."

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