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Thread: Rant about Palm

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    Rant about Palm

    I really like Palm's products. I started with a palm III xe then got a palm m500 and now I have a palm tungsten t3.

    Its not the products that I dislike... its their customer service.

    We just purchased 2 palm tungsten t3s because of their promotional deal where they give you a free mp3 kit. I did not order them, my boss did. When ording them, he ordered 2 gps units, the hard cases, extra crades, etc.

    He diddn't see that you had to add in the "free mp3 kit" when purchasing.
    We didn't recieve them. (he never added them).

    He sent an email to them saying that we made a mistake and were hoping that they'd honor the free mp3 kit. (about $100 retail). They told him that because he didn't add them to the check out cart that they would not honor them. They could easily look at the order and see that we ordered them during the promotional deal. Not only that, but we ordered much more.

    We have an account with them and order stuff from them all the time, they can see that from or order history.

    I called them and explained what happened and they still wouldn't honor the free mp3 kit.

    Their main reason for this... "we won't honor it because of the extra shipping cost the they'd have to cover". Keep in mind that the shipping cost would be about $20. I offered to pay it. They still said no.

    Its unfortunate that because of this incident that I canceled our account with them and are now going to look into other handhelds because they didn't want to honor it.

    That doesn't make much sense to me... loose thousands of $$ in sales that we give them each year becuase they didn't want to ship the mp3 kits, even after we offered to pay the shipping. I even spoke to a customer service manager about this and they said that they wern't going to change their minds. I brought up the fact that we spend so much money with them and they still refused.

    That is very poor customer service if you ask me.

    Our company and several other people that I've spoke to will now never buy their products because of something as stupid as "not wanting to pay the shipping".

    If I was on the other line, I would have honored it. Its just good business/customer relations. Especially when you know the account history and how much money we have spent for their products.

    Anyone have any opinions on whether they should or should not have honored the mp3 kit?

    BTW: Happy holidays everyone!
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    The hand helds themself are nifty but i agree with the customer issue so i switches to sony after palm and handspring merged

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