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Thread: A couple Cooling issues...

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    Question A couple Cooling issues...

    Lately I have been worried about cooling with my CPU...It's a pentium 4..I have my cooling monitor on and Im not sure if this kind of heat is normal...In idle, my cpu usually runs at about 38 - 42 c..And I used to be able to play unreal tournament for hours without a problem, but lately since i have been hearing weird noises from my back fan, my computer seems to over heat...I start playing ut, and everything seems fine, but when i look on the heat monitor it gets to about 73, which used to be it's normal temp, but then it got to 81, and the game and the whole system froze...Maybe a fan or heat sink died ? Dust build up ? Don't forget lately i have been hearing weird humming from one of the fans..Some of you cooling freaks give me a hand with this, because I don't want my box to be unhappy...

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    What I woud do, is get one of those cans of compressed air and take off the fan and heatsink.

    Blow all the dust off and clean them up reall good. Also get all the dust out of your case as good as you can. It might not hurt to get some more heat gel to put between the heatsink and CPU.

    Try that and see what happens. But if it was making funny noises, it might be your fan going out.

    Let me know if that works.

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    Well, when it got to 81 it probably got too hot and overheated, which would cause the lockup, make sure all your fans are operating well, clean the dust out, etc, and if that doesnt help try adding a case fan or two to improve ventilation. If you're having heat troubles it may just be that the thermal compound between your heatsink and cpu has gotten worn down, the heatsink fan is failing, a case fan is failing, dust build up, or a combination of all of those. Do like cheyenne1212 said and clean it out good, you dont need to take the heatsink off, and if you cant afford or cant get a can of compressed air just simply using your vaccum is usually a good alternative, use the small tip for the hose and be sure to go over everything nice and careful. Remember that you don't need very many case fans if they are set up well, have 1 blowing in and 2 blowing out, or 2 in 3 out, etc, just keep in mind that you want more blowing out and you need to keep it out of tight spaces as that will just make the hot air get sucked right back in and circulated, reducing the cooling capacity of the fans you do have.
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