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    Exclamation lotsa text files

    http://www.textfiles.com (really really old)

    hey guys! i stumbled on these sites while surfing and i spent very long time reading. there are lots of garbage but i had some fun reading some stuffs. i enjoyed the texts which makes you feel like you're really really old. i hated history back in highschool, but i love reading these stuffs even back in highschool times.

    check this out:

    if you guys sees some sites that brings out memories of old computer days, pls post. tnx!
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    hmm, this stuff is pretty old... But its still fun to read about. It reminds us about our roots, our pasts, and where all the technology we use everyday came from! Thanks for the history lesson

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    Yeah I saw that site. Kind of makes you want to go back in time again when all of this technology was just coming out. Back to the advent of hackers (pre crackers and skiddies).
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